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Child Playing


The movement and use of hands and upper extremities, fine motor skills include reaching, grasping and manipulating objects with your hands.

If you have any concerns about your baby or child's upper limb function please contact us. Below are some examples of the concerns you may have: 

Does your baby:

  • have difficulty using both of their hands at the same time when playing or feeding?​

  • use one hand more than the other, or not use one hand at all?

  • have poorly coordinated, jerky upper limb movements?

  • have difficulty manipulating toys/objects in their hands?

Does your toddler:

  • have difficulty coordinating hands to mouth when drinking from a cup?

  • struggle to stack blocks, construct Duplo?

  • struggle when manipulating age appropriate toys?

Does your pre-schooler or school- age child:

  • have difficulty using cutlery?

  • struggle to complete tasks, such as writing, cutting, constructing Lego?

  • struggle to fasten buttons, zips?

  • struggle when manipulating toys and puzzles?

  • avoid fine motor play or tabletop work?

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