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Some examples of the goals set for therapy blocks:

  • for your toddler to increase their food repertoire so that family meal times can be a positive experience for your child and your family

  • for your baby to reach for toys with their weaker hand

  • for your toddler to be able to stabilise a toy with one hand and at the same time to manipulate the toy with the other hand

  • for your child to build their play skills so that they can play with other children and not participate in solitary play only

  • for your child to be able to feed themselves with a spoon

  • for your baby to engage in play activities while on their tummy

  • for your baby to be able to sit independently, to roll independently

Some examples of interventions that may be used:

  • SOS approach to Feeding

  • Neurobehavioural rehabilitation for babies

  • Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

  • Bimanual Therapy

  • Activity focused Occupational Therapy

  • Equipment advice

  • Developmental program


Length of each therapy session: 45 minutes

Cost: €100

(Most insurance providers cover up to 75% of Occupational Therapy Assessments and Therapy Blocks. It is advised to check with your insurance provider first)

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