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Newborn Baby Foot


There is an increasing wealth of evidence highlighting the benefits of infant massage, both for babies and their parents

  • enhances parent's ability to understand their baby’s needs; promoting secure attachment, promoting nurturing touch, and promoting pre-language communication skills

  • can help reduce baby's level of stress and help them to sleep better

  • promotes sensory integration, mind and body awareness

  • aids digestion and can help relieve wind, colic and constipation

  • can alleviate sensitivity to touch, physical, and psychological tension

  • can decrease post-natal depression

  • can promote early involvement of father

  • can improve self-esteem and confidence in parent

Infant Massage can be taught in conjunction with other interventions where appropriate or as a stand alone therapy in a group program with other parents & babies


Each week you will learn new massage techniques to do with your baby leading up to the full body massage routine in the last week

Suitable for babies from birth-12 months old

Infant Massage courses available from May 2021

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