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Health Insurance, Tax Relief

Early Years OT has enquired with several health insurance providers. The response is consistent:

Many health insurance providers allow up to 75% cover for Occupational Therapy, however the amount is both 'plan' specific and case specific. There are over 300 health insurance plans on the market so it is essential that families check their cover with their insurance broker/provider.


It is worthwhile checking with your provider before you book an appointment

The Revenue website outlines "additional expenses of health care for a child" eligible for tax relief:

  • Suffering from a life-threatening illness or permanent disability

  • Physiotherapy or similar treatment

Visit the Revenue website to see the section on tax relief for health expenses for further information

If eligibile for tax relief, apply via the MED1 form

You can download a MED1 form from the Revenue website or get one from your local tax office


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