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Mother and Baby on Floor


Every child is different, and so is every parent's experience. Yet, experts have clear indicators regarding the range of typical development from birth to 5 years.

A developmental assessment will establish an infant or toddler's baseline skill-set in the areas of cognition, language, fine-motor, gross-motor, social-emotional, and adaptive skills.


Establishing a child's baseline facilitates the therapist and the family to optimise the child's learning environment, and guides them in setting appropriate and specific goals for therapy.


Some signs that a baby or child might have a developmental delay and could benefit from an Occupational Therapy assessment:

  • not meeting early motor milestones within typical age range

  • fussy or reactive to feeding and/or sensations

  • other feeding or mealtime difficulties

  • avoidant of or scared of typical play

  • bumping in to things or falling more than peers

  • sleeping difficulties

  • toileting difficulties

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